Making My Dollah Hollah at Dollar Tree

dollar tree office 300x225 Making My Dollah Hollah at Dollar TreeAs a good steward of my financial resources, I love getting good deals where I can. I am not “cheap” because I do spend money on the things I like, but I will seek out good deals on most purchases so that I can “spurge” on the things I really want. I am very proud to be able to say that I haven’t spent over 50 cents on dishwashing liquid or toothpaste in at least 3 years. I love using coupons and have no problem whipping them out in grocery stores, drug stores, or casual restaurants. Coupons are a great way to save on products you already use, try new products without paying full price or dine at a new restaurant at a discount.

One of my favorite ways to save is shopping at my local dollar stores. If you haven’t checked out your local dollar store lately you may be losing out on substantial savings. In my area, Dollar Tree is the most popular but I know there are others. I have found several products cheaper there than at most chain stores. Sometimes, items can be cheaper when purchased in larger quantities at stores such as Costco, BJ’s or Sam’s, I may not have the budget or the storage space for large quantities, so the dollar store is a good option for me. Also, the Dollar Trees in my area accept manufacturers coupons, so extra savings both for myself and to supplement my special project.

Here are some of my favorite items. Please remember that stock varies from store to store so these things may not be available at every store.

gift bags 150x150 Making My Dollah Hollah at Dollar TreeGift bags and tissue paper: Dollar Tree sells 50 sheets per pack of white, color and glitter tissue paper and a variety of gift bags. Some of gift bags are a little cheesy looking but I have found some really cute ones there. If I can’t find a printed one I like, I can’t go wrong with a solid color bag and some colorful tissue paper. Dollar Tree also has a nice selection of bows and ribbons as well.
Gladware Storage Containers: Dollar Tree sells the real deal Gladware plastic containers in a variety of sizes as well as the RubberMaid version. These aren’t the cheap ones that the lids never fit again after a cycle in the dishwasher.
Dishwashing liquid and cleaning supplies: Dollar Tree carries several name brand cleaning products such as Spic ‘n Span, Comet, Clorox, Dawn etc. One of my all-time favorite finds is Fabuloso. I love, love, love, the smell of this product!!FABULOSO 300x300 150x150 Making My Dollah Hollah at Dollar Tree
Silk flowers: I always purchase silk flowers here for when I’m visiting the graves of loved ones in the cemetery. I like to keep nice looking flowers in those vases, and it can get expensive. For $10-$12, I can get keep all vases full of pretty nice looking flowers.
Plant containers/Gardening Supplies: I’ve purchased gardening gloves, potting soil, cute planter and small gardening tools from Dollar Tree. I mostly have indoor plants so these are perfect and are way cheaper than places like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and even Walmart.
Dried spices and sea salt: I found the same size container and brand of sea salt being sold at Walmart for $2.12 at the Dollar Tree.
Greeting cards, blank note cards, and thank you cards
mg 4792 150x150 Making My Dollah Hollah at Dollar TreeHeavy duty aluminum foil: I’ve found Reynolds’s Wrap Heavy duty foil at Dollar Tree on numerous occasions. I love the Reynolds’s individual sheets. I only stay with this brand. I have purchased other brands at the quality wasn’t nearly as good.

One thing to keep in mind though, is not everything at dollar stores are a bargain.

School supplies: If you plan and stock up for the year at back to school sales, you can actually make your dollar go a whole lot further. Most discount stores have HUGE back to school sales where basics such as paper, binders, pens, pencils, folders etc. can be found for well under $1. Pens, crayons, and glue are usually priced anywhere from 10-25 cents during these sales.
Inexpensive shampoos and conditioners: The Dollar Tree stores in my area seem to Old Suave 150x150 Making My Dollah Hollah at Dollar Treecarry brands such as VO5, Suave, and White Rain as their standard inventory. If you watch your local sales papers, these products can often be found on sale at stores such as CVS, Walgreen’s, Rite-Aid etc. for around 75 cents a bottle. If you use these brands, stock up while they are on sale and save even more.
Paper plates: In my experience, the quality of these items has been really poor. It really isn’t a bargain if it takes 3-4 plates to hold your food without collapsing. Same, with plastic forks and spoons. If they break under the weight of soft serve ice cream, it isn’t a bargain.
Garbage bags: I have also found these to be of poor quality. Having to double bag isn’t a bargain.
Over the Counter Medicines/Vitamins/Supplements: Read the labels. Most of these items are made in China and do not adhere to the same FDA requirements as the United States. These items may be fine, but I’d rather not take the chance.
Toothpastes: Same reason as above. I have found both Colgate and Crest at Dollar Tree but upon further inspection of the label found them to be made in China.
Electrical products: Extension cords, lamps and other items may have fake UL safety labels.

The dollar stores of today are generally neat, nicely organized and offer a variety of products that are found in grocery, discount and drugstores. Some of the larger dollar stores even have produce and frozen food at a fraction of the cost. I encourage you to give them a look. I think you’ll like what you see.

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