How I Keep My Water Bottles Sparkling Clean and Fresh Smelling

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polycarb bottle 198x300 How I Keep My Water Bottles Sparkling Clean and Fresh SmellingIn one of my quests to be “green” and be a good steward of our environment, I’ve switched to water filters and reusable water bottles. Actually I love plain tap water but for some reason, the city of Atlanta as HORRIBLE tap water. It’s very hard and I swear I can taste sulfur. So in my quest I’ve become somewhat of a reusable water bottle junkie. I think at last count I have about 10 not including my favorite Tervis tumbler with the pink L. The only problem with reusable bottles is over time they can smell and stain, especially if you’re like me and use a lot of artificial sweeteners such as Equal. Instead of throwing the bottles away, I’ve found an inexpensive and easy way to remove the stains and smells and keep them fresh.

Lyn Sherrell 525600 Minutes How I Keep My Water Bottles Sparkling Clean and Fresh SmellingHere’s what I do:

To clean, fill bottle halfway with hot water and a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Cap and shake vigorously. Squeeze the water out through the drinking spout if your bottle has one. Remove cap and rinse with hot water, flushing the threads of the rim. To remove any smells, add one teaspoon of baking soda and ½ teaspoon of chlorine bleach to the bottle. Fill the bottle halfway with hot water, shake vigorously, add more water to fill the bottle and screw on the cap. Let your bottle sit for 30 mins to an hour, then empty and rinse thoroughly with hot water and let dry. Scrub the lid with a toothbrush and baking soda.

I have found that this method keeps my bottles sparkly clean and fresh-smelling and I don’t have to buy any extra cleaners. Everything used are things I already have around the house. I love simple and I love inexpensive even more.

Giving some love to ALDI’s

ALDI’s, short for Albrecht Discounts, is named after Karl and Theo Albrecht, the two brothers who founded the company. ALDI’s has over 8500 stores worldwide with 1400 of them being in the US with more to come.

large aldi Giving some love to ALDI’s

I’m a huge fan of shopping at ALDI’s. I’ve found that most people either love it hate it. My mom hates it but I think that’s because she couldn’t figure out the whole 25 cent cart rental thing. Another thing about ALDI’s is they don’t provide shopping free bags nor do they take credit cards, coupons, or checks. ALDI’s only accepts debit cards, cash and EBT cards(to save time and processing fees). Now they do sell shopping bags, 5 cents for paper, 10 cents for plastic and they do provide free leftover cardboard boxes, but bringing your own bags is highly encouraged. (I get mine at Publix, in my opinion, they are the cutest,most sturdy and only 99 cents..sorry, I digress). You also bag your own groceries in their huge bagging area. This may be a deal-breaker for some shoppers, especially the elderly or the handicapped but I’m sure the store attendants would help in those situations. I personally don’t mind because I can fit A LOT in my cute Publix shopping bags.
The 25 cent cart rental: as incentive to customers to return carts and to eliminate the cost of hiring cart attendants, ALDI’s charges you a 25 cent fee to rent the carts. All carts are equipped with a slot where you place your quarter and the cart is released. Once you return your cart your quarter is refunded, so technically, it’s free. It took me a few minutes to figure out the procedure but there is always someone close by to help. *Pay it Forward/Good Karma Points: leave the quarter for the next person or unlock one or two extra carts for the next customers*

Trivia Time: What other famous store do the Albrecht brothers own? Hint: 2 Buck Chuck resides there.

tb Aldi 450x300 300x200 Giving some love to ALDI’sInside the store: Most people are shocked at just how small the stores actually are. Most stores are only 4 -5 aisles in width and all of the food items with the exception of frozen foods, dairy and meats are store in their original boxes on pallets. This may sound cluttered but each aisle is wide and all items are very clearly marked. ALDI’s even carries wine and their own line of “healthy” items called Fit’n Healthy (the sugar free jam and jellies are yum). Every week there is a “Special Purchase” item that can range from bedding plants to outdoor furniture to blankets and space heaters.

Most food items are ALDI’s house brands but I have found some name brand items on occasion, such as Miracle Whip Salad Dressing and Pringles potato chips. Have I mentioned their produce yet? Ok, here’s the deal…ALDI’s has great prices on their produce and it’s usually locally grown. In fact I started going to ALDI’s because of the produce. The only thing is that normally to get the best selection you have to go either on Sunday or Monday. If you wait until later in the week or on Saturday’s usually the selection is very limited. I learned that from one of the cashiers (it pays to be friendly). From what I was told, they only get produce in once or maybe twice a week and when it’s gone it’s gone. The ALDI’s in my area are open from 12noon until 6pm on Sundays so that’s when I try to go for peak selection.

ALDI’s does have a double money back guarantee on their brand. I have had a few things that I didn’t care for, but I chose just not to repurchase those items.

A few of my purchases: Aldis Produce 300x225 Giving some love to ALDI’s
Produce: on my last visit I found strawberries for 99 cents a pint, cucumbers for 49 cents each, lettuce for 99 cents and green onions 3 bunches for $1
Frozen chicken breasts: 3 lbs for $5.99
Eggs – $1.09 a dozen
Steel Cut Oats – $1.89 for a 24 oz tub – Bob’s Red Mill costs close to $4 for a 16 oz. bag
ALDI’s brand artificial sweetener (blue packets)- $1.19 for 100 packets

So, if you have an ALDI’s in your area and haven’t checked them out, take a quarter and give them a try. You just may like (love) them as much as I do.

Answer to Trivia Question:

Trader Joe’s!