How I Keep My Water Bottles Sparkling Clean and Fresh Smelling

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polycarb bottle 198x300 How I Keep My Water Bottles Sparkling Clean and Fresh SmellingIn one of my quests to be “green” and be a good steward of our environment, I’ve switched to water filters and reusable water bottles. Actually I love plain tap water but for some reason, the city of Atlanta as HORRIBLE tap water. It’s very hard and I swear I can taste sulfur. So in my quest I’ve become somewhat of a reusable water bottle junkie. I think at last count I have about 10 not including my favorite Tervis tumbler with the pink L. The only problem with reusable bottles is over time they can smell and stain, especially if you’re like me and use a lot of artificial sweeteners such as Equal. Instead of throwing the bottles away, I’ve found an inexpensive and easy way to remove the stains and smells and keep them fresh.

Lyn Sherrell 525600 Minutes How I Keep My Water Bottles Sparkling Clean and Fresh SmellingHere’s what I do:

To clean, fill bottle halfway with hot water and a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Cap and shake vigorously. Squeeze the water out through the drinking spout if your bottle has one. Remove cap and rinse with hot water, flushing the threads of the rim. To remove any smells, add one teaspoon of baking soda and ½ teaspoon of chlorine bleach to the bottle. Fill the bottle halfway with hot water, shake vigorously, add more water to fill the bottle and screw on the cap. Let your bottle sit for 30 mins to an hour, then empty and rinse thoroughly with hot water and let dry. Scrub the lid with a toothbrush and baking soda.

I have found that this method keeps my bottles sparkly clean and fresh-smelling and I don’t have to buy any extra cleaners. Everything used are things I already have around the house. I love simple and I love inexpensive even more.